Simple in use location model and form field with MapInput widget for picking some location. Uses mapbox gl js, flexible map provider API. Fully compatible with bootstrap framework. Can be used with spatial or plain databases.

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VersionLicenseReleasedStatusPython 3?
1.7.3MIT 04/19/2021Beta
1.7.1MIT 01/30/2021Beta
1.7.0MIT 12/04/2020Beta
1.6.4MIT 10/26/2020Beta
1.6.3MIT 08/09/2020Beta
1.6.1MIT 07/06/2020Beta
1.6.0MIT 07/03/2020Beta
1.5.0MIT 05/11/2020Beta
1.4.0MIT 11/08/2019Beta
1.3.0MIT 11/03/2019Beta
0.2.7MIT 10/31/2019Beta
0.2.6MIT 07/08/2019Beta
0.2.4MIT 07/05/2019Beta
0.2.0MIT 07/04/2019Beta
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