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CleanerVersion adds a versioning/historizing layer to your relational DB which implements a "Slowly Changing Dimensions Type 2" behavior


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VersionLicenseReleasedStatusPython 3?
1.6.1Apache 2.012/20/2016Production/Stable
1.6.0Apache 2.009/22/2016Production/Stable
1.5.4Apache 2.001/06/2016Beta
1.5.3Apache 2.007/15/2015Beta
1.5.2Apache 2.006/22/2015Beta
1.5.0Apache 2.006/11/2015Beta
1.4.9Apache 2.005/22/2015Beta
1.4.8Apache 2.005/22/2015Beta
1.4.7Apache 2.005/01/2015Beta
1.4.6Apache 2.004/23/2015Beta
1.4.5Apache 2.004/23/2015Beta
1.4.4Apache 2.003/25/2015Beta
1.4.3Apache 2.002/18/2015Beta
1.4.2Apache 2.002/02/2015Beta
1.4.1Apache 2.001/28/2015Beta
1.4.0Apache 2.001/05/2015Beta
1.3.5Apache 2.012/05/2014Beta
1.3.4Apache 2.011/21/2014Beta
1.3.3Apache 2.011/19/2014Beta
1.3.2Apache 2.011/16/2014Beta
1.3.1Apache 2.011/12/2014Beta
1.3.0Apache 2.010/22/2014Beta
1.2.3Apache 2.010/06/2014Beta
1.2.2Apache 2.009/19/2014Beta
1.2.0Apache 2.009/16/2014Beta
1.1.2Apache 2.009/15/2014Beta
1.0Apache 2.009/09/2014Beta

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