Making using Django with frontend libraries and frameworks DRYer

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VersionLicenseReleasedStatusPython 3?
2.0.7MIT 03/16/2020Unknown
2.0.6MIT 07/23/2019Unknown
2.0.5MIT 07/12/2019Unknown
2.0.4MIT 07/10/2019Unknown
2.0.3MIT 07/04/2019Unknown
2.0MIT 06/27/2019Unknown
0.9.77MIT 10/08/2018Unknown
0.9.75MIT 09/07/2018Unknown
0.9.74MIT 09/06/2018Unknown
0.9.73MIT 09/05/2018Unknown
0.9.72MIT 08/30/2018Unknown
0.9.71MIT 08/22/2018Unknown
0.9.70MIT 08/14/2018Unknown
0.9.69MIT 08/10/2018Unknown
0.9.68MIT 07/21/2018Unknown
0.9.67MIT 07/18/2018Unknown
0.9.66MIT 07/17/2018Unknown
0.9.65MIT 06/28/2018Unknown
0.9.64MIT 06/19/2018Unknown
0.9.63MIT 06/09/2018Unknown
0.9.62MIT 05/21/2018Unknown
0.9.61MIT 05/07/2018Unknown
0.9.57MIT 05/04/2018Unknown
0.9.56MIT 04/19/2018Unknown
0.9.53MIT 04/12/2018Unknown
0.9.52MIT 03/30/2018Unknown
0.9.51MIT 03/20/2018Unknown
0.9.50MIT 03/08/2018Unknown
0.9.49MIT 01/15/2018Unknown
0.9.24MIT 03/30/2017Unknown
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