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Support of OAuth in Django, using python-oauth2 and from the awesome work of Thomas Johansson in django-piston: http://bitbucket.org/prencher/django-piston I didn't call it django-oauth2 because OAuth 2.0 is coming and it can be confusing, this app will be compatible with OAuth 1.0a and Django 1.2 but will not be fully backward compatible with django-oauth.


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VersionLicenseReleasedStatusPython 3?
2.2.7BSD 06/19/2015Beta
2.2.6BSD 03/02/2015Beta
2.2.5BSD 10/13/2014Beta
2.2.4BSD 01/24/2014Beta
2.2.3BSD 12/10/2013Beta
2.2.2BSD 11/21/2013Beta
2.2.1BSD 10/28/2013Beta
2.2.0 BSD 10/21/2013Beta
2.1.5 BSD 09/24/2013Beta
2.1.4 BSD 08/16/2013Beta
2.1.3 BSD 07/31/2013Beta
2.1.0 BSD 03/24/2013Beta


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