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This package implements an algorithm similar to JIRA's lexorank, but without using buckets for rebalancing that can be used with Django projects.

GitHub stars: 4

Mubahasa: The Discussion Webapp

Mubahasa: The Discussion Webapp

GitHub stars: 1


drf-api-action elevates DRF testing with the api-action decorator, simplifying REST endpoint testing to a seamless, function-like experience.

GitHub stars: 60

Django Survey Project for CSAT, NPS, CES, and Generic Surveys with Enhanced User Response

This Django package allows you to create and manage surveys including CSAT, NPS, CES, and Generic Surveys. It supports both anonymous and logged-in user responses with user metadata tracking.

GitHub stars: 0

Minimalistic, standalone alternative fake data generator with no dependencies

GitHub stars: 3

hotelhub : The hotel Management system

Hotelhub : Hotel management system created with Django Python.

GitHub stars: 4


GitHub stars: 0


Django encrypted fields with search enabled.

GitHub stars: 14


Django app for recording daily user visits

GitHub stars: 80


Cookiecutter template for a Django package

GitHub stars: 5

Wagtail Site Check

A Wagtail app to check the configuration of Wagtail Sites.

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GitHub stars: 4


GitHub stars: 0


Outgoing Django webhooks triggered on model changes

GitHub stars: 27


Centralize and relay email from multiple distributed Django projects to an internal SMTP server via a database queue

GitHub stars: 8

Django Blog Lotus

A weblog application with Django.

GitHub stars: 3


Class-based emails for django shipping with a test suite

GitHub stars: 29

Wagtail Localize GIT

Translate Wagtail content using a git repository and PO files

GitHub stars: 6


A django pluggable that allows to work with Database views

GitHub stars: 64


Plugin to create view table in Django.

GitHub stars: 14


Creating automatic migrations for Views models witch working reverse and full command options like in normal makemigrations

GitHub stars: 40

Wagtail Font Awesome SVG

Add Font Awesome SVG icons to your Wagtail project

GitHub stars: 10


Prebuild and customizable error views for Django.

GitHub stars: 3


GitHub stars: 4


Django Filesify helps generate a physical files from a text content stored in database and accessible from Django admin. The file content can be a plaintext or an encrypted field.

GitHub stars: 3

Django Easy Quiz

GitHub stars: 0


Extension for the Django signal receivers to process them asynchronously as the Celery tasks

GitHub stars: 1


Django Signals extension for unifying data passed to receivers

GitHub stars: 6


Database connection pool component library for Django

GitHub stars: 140

MrBenn Toolbar Plugin

GitHub stars: 28


An extensible wallet package for quick integration into your Django project.

GitHub stars: 2


An SSE Relay Service: Perfect for Adding Real-Time Features to Your Django Project Without Introducing ASGI or Async Code.

GitHub stars: 9


Django model field to handle sets (in the python/math sense)

GitHub stars: 0


Minimal configuration static site generator for Django

GitHub stars: 379


Visualizes a DB schema based on Django models

GitHub stars: 16


An app to manage Linkedin posts in a Django project

GitHub stars: 0

GitHub stars: 0

Django Filtered Model Formset Tables

Django Filtered-Model-Formset-Tables: a collection of reusable Class-Based Views that integrate django-filter and django-tables2 with model formsets.

GitHub stars: 1

Django Ninja CRUD

✨ Declarative CRUD Endpoints & Tests with Django Ninja.

GitHub stars: 83


An app to manage tweets in a Django project.

GitHub stars: 1

Django Document Catalogue

Django app providing a lightweight, stand-alone, hierarchical document library.

GitHub stars: 3


Django-ace-editor is an implementation of the Ace editor as a form widget.

GitHub stars: 126


It's easy to use, plug-in django app that once included, stores logins history (with device data, like IP, user-agent, location etc.) of all users

GitHub stars: 3

Ignou MTTM 16 Dissertation report

GitHub stars: 0


Inspect and run Django Commands in a text-based user interface (TUI)

GitHub stars: 140


The DJOptima ToolKit for Django is an all-in-one utility designed to simplify and enhance the deployment process of Django projects, particularly tailored for seamless integration with the Vercel hosting platform. This toolkit empowers developers with a range of powerful features.

GitHub stars: 0


Simple Django health check

GitHub stars: 2


A Django REST framework plugin for pytest

GitHub stars: 83


Bootstrap5 template pack for django-crispy-forms

GitHub stars: 383


this library provides read/write serialization for django-gm2m field.

GitHub stars: 2

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